Friday, September 16, 2011

The next steps to the new Knowledge + Discovery Center

Last night the Carson City Supervisors voted 4-1 to move the City Center project forward- creating a real roadmap to opening the doors of the new Knowledge + Discovery Center.

First of all a big thank you to the entire Board of Supervisors- the hard work and difficulty of being an elected public official should never be underestimated- for many issues- and this one in particular- the emotions have run high- and decisions needing to be made have been difficult. I also sincerely thank everyone who spoke at this meeting and all the public meetings over the past few years- I believe about a dozen meetings for this project- each of them with significant public comment, input, questions and concerns about the project.

Issues that create divergent opinions may not be easy but they do demonstrate what a great country we live in where the public's business is debated and decided in an open forum. After many hours of public input I want to particularly emphasize the two speakers last night who said lets now move forward and work together which is very profound advice- that we will follow.

We now have much work to do- in particular a capital campaign to raise significant private funds for the new Knowledge + Discovery Center. The beautiful conceptual design in keeping with the Carson City motto- "proud of its past- confident of its future"- can be viewed here:

We also have much work on the functions and spaces of the library and would very much like to hear from the community what they want "in" the library- how we integrate services and resources and make it the best it can be for everyone on our community- so please comment with your ideas.

Finally thank you to the community- Carson City is a wonderful city and one I am so proud to represent as your Library Director.

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  1. That's fantastic! Is there a timeline yet, or does that have to wait until funds are raised?