Friday, April 15, 2011

Library Changes

As we celebrate National Library Week I wanted to let everyone know some amazing facts about the Carson City Library. In March we checked out 37,433 items we exchanged 4658 paperbacks and magazines so that is a grand total of 42,091-just in the month of MARCH! At that rate our library will be in the half million circulation per year! As of March 31, 35,557 people have cards or about 65% of our population- and they are coming to use them- this month we had 26,602 visits to the library- which also would translate to over 300,000 visits a year. Every service we provide is being used more and we hope it continues to grow. If you were one of the 26,602 visitors in March you might have noticed lots of things are moving around. We are planning for the second phase of the RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) system. In this second phase we will install a machine called an automated materials handler which will make us even more human efficient. It will be located where the fiction books and computers are located now. This system will check in library material just as the new check out system does - multiple items at a time. We have reduced the amount of fiction books. We are “weeding” or removing books that are not being checked out on a regular basis. But rest assured we will still have books- in fact we purchased about 8,000 new books and materials this year alone, and the book collection will continue to be well over 110,000 items- and the amount of materials checked out in March demonstrates we have many books that people want. Your library is changing and evolving to meet demands and to use resources efficiently. This facility was built for a community of 30,000 people. We now have 55,000 and many users from surrounding counties. As we expand services and see more users I believe we demonstrate on a regular basis that a bigger and more modern library will be well worth the investment.

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  1. Hear hear! It's wonderful to see so many people come through the library doors, and especially the dramatic increase of new young faces who have become loyal after-school regulars. I hope this will become a life-long foundation for them!