Monday, June 8, 2009

New library discussions ...with an eye towards the visual!

The Carson City Library has recently had two meetings about the new library, both centered on the "visual".

On May 28th, the Carson City Arts and Cultural Coalition started a dialog with the Carson City Library Board of Trustees about integrating art into the new public library, this included:
  • 1 % for Art – juried public art
  • Changing Galleries within the new Carson City Library
  • Artists in Residence – Performing, Visual and Literary space within the new Carson City Library

Presenters from the Carson City Cultural Coalition- Peter Barton, Carson City Cultural Commission, Sharon Rosse of the Capital City Arts Initiative, Robin Hodgkin from the Nevada Arts Council and Joe McCarthy, Office of Business Development and staff to the Carson City Cultural Commission all gave information to the Library Board.

Several wonderful examples of art in public spaces were shown- the entire presentation can be seen from this link:

Integrating art in public buildings is common all over the country and is an especially good fit in a public library where there are both residents and visitors using and enjoying the facility.

Additionally public libraries both new and old are considered works of art themselves:

On June 4th the library held a meeting- Envisoning the New Carson City Library- more than a hundred pictures were on display to help the community begin the conversation about what they want in a new library... traditional... modern... lots of space for kids ....great technology...???

The display is still available to look at in the Nevada State Library and Archives, 100 N. Stewart Street in the Joseph Anderson Gallery, which is open 9-5 Monday thru Friday, and comment cards are available for you to give your opinions.

Kirk Caraway of the Nevada Appeal published a great article about the process on Saturday, June 6th:

News Carson City also covered the event:

The consultants Page + Moris and Field Paoli will continue working with the library to provide all the documentation needed so that when a site is selected architects can be engaged to provide conceptual renderings for all to see.

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