Thursday, April 2, 2009

Technology, Technology, Technology

On Thursday, March 26th the Carson City Library Board and members of their Advisory Committee heard presentations about technology options for a new library. Karen Hofmann, MSSE, CSM Consultant/Owner of KEMH LLC, WBENC-Certified Business gave a presentation about RFID in Libraries, Radio Frequency Identification is used to track library materials and makes libraries more efficient by having machines do much of the work of check in, check out and inventory. Human efficiency will be a driving force in the design of a new library.

For detailed information about the use of RFID in Libraries go to RFID in US Libraries

In addition brief discussions were covered on extended Wi-Fi access-both in an around a new public library, using technology for security in libraries and new formats for library materials...which leads nicely into details about the Carson City Library's celebration of National Library Week....

Worlds Connect @ the Carson City Library- April 13-19.

We are discovering, celebrating and exploring new technologies used in libraries and in everyday life.

We start the week with a presentation on Second Life.

Second Life is a "virtual world, or multi-user environment (MUVEs). Second life exists as a web-based 3-D immersive environment. In these worlds participants are represented by avatars, or digital personnna, who interact with one another in a persistent world (i.e., the world exists whether or not a user is "there") "
-Lori Bell in Virtual Worlds, Real Libraries: Librarians and Educators in Second Life and Other Mult-User Environments.

For April 14th-the kick off to the week's technology programs- our presenter- Kimberly Rufer Bach will be exploring the wide range of resources available in virtual worlds, the evening starts off with a reception at 6:00 pm followed by a live presentation of Second Life- all of this will happen at the Galaxy Theatre- 4000 S. Curry Street- Carson's all digital theatre- Galaxy and the Fandango continue to be a wonderful partner to the Carson City Library.

On April 15th @ 5:30 in the Library Auditorium we will have a "technology petting zoo"-participants will be invited to both touch and play with a some of today's hottest gadgets-
Gadgets will include:

Amazon's Kindle

I Pod touch; I Pod, MP3


GPS and Geocaching


And finally on Thursday, April 16 at 6:00 pm in the library auditorium:
Do you Tweet?
Guy Johnson will be presenting
Twitter: What-Why-How?

I hope you will join us for any or all of our events connecting the world with technology and what better place to do that than at the Library?

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