Thursday, March 5, 2009

Interested community leaders invited to learn about new library plans

March 4, 2009
The Carson City Library and its support organizations (Friends of the Library and the Library Foundation) invited interested community members to hear about plans to build a new library and the progress made to date.
A library video entitled A Place for Everyone was shown also a very motivating and encouraging talk was presented by Assemblyman Mo Denis.

Assemblyman Denis is an avid library user and a former library trustee for the Las Vegas Clark County Library District. A true advocate for libraries he spoke about the importance of libraries in his life-both to him and his family, how much richer we all are for their availability and how the seven new libraries built in Las Vegas during his time as a Library Trustee were wonderful additions to their communities, he ended his talk with this:

Two frogs fell into a deep cream bowl, One was an optimistic soul;
But the other took the gloomy view, "I shall drown," he cried, "and so will you."
So with a last despairing cry, He closed his eyes and said, "Good-bye."
But the other frog, with a merry grin Said, "I can't get out, but I won't give in!
I'll swim around till my strength is spent.
For having tried, I'll die content."
Bravely he swam until it would seem His struggles began to churn the cream.
On the top of the butter at last he stopped And out of the bowl he happily hopped.
What is the moral?
It's easily found.
If you can't get out -- keep swimming around!

Following Assemblyman Denis I gave the group information on the library- succinctly the Carson City Library has had no expansion in 27 years- even though it serves four times as many people as when the 900 N. Roop Street location was built in 1971- currently nearly 300,000 people use the library every year and it has recently become a hot spot for kids of all ages in our community.
I provided information about the year and a half discussion with the community about the library and its services- this dialogue has resulted in interest in pursuing a new downtown centrally located library.

Attendees were asked if they are interested in being part of groups that will continue the discussion on library services, technology, collection, possible sites, funding, architectural style, and green building (LEED) ideas.

Three brand new libraries are potential models:

Cheyenne, Wyoming

Rockville, Maryland

Milpitas, California

All of these libraries provide some best practices for planning for a new library in Carson City.

Another meeting just like this on will be held on March 19 @ 5:30 at the library anyone interested in learning more is invited to attend, call me at (775) 887-2244 ext. 1007 or e-mail at

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